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Blog 3: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons.

Mompreneur Moment:

Hey there!  Tressa here with another blog about my crazy awesome life of Momming, schooling, and learning on my entrepreneur journey.  Often times you hear about the great things entrepreneurship brings, but do you hear enough about true lessons and challenges?  What builds character and tests limits? Well, let me shed some light, from my experience, so far.

Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons:

The daily challenges I face as a Mompreneur are endless it seems, most days.  There are times when I have to stop what I am doing and question whether my sanity is still legit.  Of course, that can be the Mom part of it more than the business part, but because we have it all mixed in the family, there’s no telling! 

 I love my kids, my dogs, and of course my husband, but growing a new business with all kids, age ranges from 11 to 2, is VERY challenging.  Especially when you tie in the lessons for  homeschooling and for them to understand the different aspects of the business. I will say it is worth it for sure.  To see a smile on their face when they complete a task, or earn a sale, makes me dance inside and out!

Challenges I meet are more than just setting up at events and  worrying about sales. Other things like, not being able to attend event invites when kids are misbehaving, internal fear of pushing forward when things aren’t perfect, having to tell the kids no swim lessons because we didn’t get enough sales, turning down family events to attend vendor events, trying to compose emails with screaming in the background and dogs needing to go out every five minutes, working around a spouse’s full time schedule and feeling bad when you do book something, being interrupted while trying to blog again (ha, this is currently happening), finding time for me, finding time to workout and relax, and finding the motivation to keep pushing through even when success isn’t right around the corner, are literally JUST A FEW!  

So, with the challenges I  face, I view it as an opportunity.  Each day I have an opportunity to reset my mind with a daily Gratitude journal, reflection, Bible reading, and reviewing past events.  I try to look for opportunity in every challenge and at every event we attend, so we can better serve. Sometimes, this isn’t easy to do, especially when there is a day where things just seem unbearable while planning. Our kids really play a big part in keeping my Unicorn dreams high, because their ideas are limitless and that allows me to do the same, which creates more opportunity for growth and learning.  

When you learn, you grow!  I think we all know this, but we don’t often give ourselves enough time or permission to be able to grow and learn each day.  So I have made this one of my 2020 goals. I have always labeled myself as a life-long learner, so now is the time to accept the challenges, find the opportunities, and learn from the experiences.  

As entrepreneurs, one of our favorite ways to learn on the go is through podcast episodes and audio books. My favorite podcast is Successfully Screwed, founded by Ashley Owens and Sara Rosenberg.  Ashley and Sara interview entrepreneurs who share their stories about challenges, failures, falling on their faces, learning, and then getting back up!  Another great resource I recently learned of is Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang’s live Webinar series, “What Is School For: A Weekly Live Streaming Show to Discuss, Debate, & Disrupt Education.”  You can find her amazing story of going from Professor to successful Entrepreneur and homeschooling Mom on LinkedIn and YouTube.  I had the great pleasure of speaking with her on a live zoom call, where we shared our life experiences, challenges, and goals with one another.  I will be a guest on her upcoming January 17th show, so make sure you tune in!


We need more of the realities shared in life.  We need to share struggles and feelings, so we can support one another, and encourage each other when challenges arise.  I encourage you to do the same, whether you are a stay at home amazing parent, an entrepreneur, employee, employer, or whatever!  Trust me when I say, you are not alone! 

Until next time!

Rainbows and Unicorns, 


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