What type of Wax is used in your Candles?

We only use all natural Soy wax when making these amazing candles for you!

Why do you use Soy wax?

1. Soy wax burns 30% – 50% longer than other waxes.

2. Non-toxic, healthier alternative to paraffin.

3. Easier to clean spills (just a little warm water and soap)

4. Supports Agriculture.

5. 100% Renewable.

6. No carcinogens.

7. Vegitable based.

8. Burns cleaner and cooler.

9. Less soot by almost 90%.

10. The soybean oil lowers the melting point of the candle which allows for a cooler burn and allows the scent to disperse evenly.


Why the wood wick?

We have opted to use a wooden wick because it allows for a more even burning of your candle.  It also holds the scent longer and…….well it looks pretty cool!

Listen to the candle burn and you will notice the crackle to help remind you of a wood fire.

Accidental Spills?

Our soy wax has a lower melt point which makes the wax soft to the touch.  This makes clean up a breeze with just a little warm water and soap it will clean off of most surfaces.  Wax spilled in carpet can be removed but may take more applications of warm water.

Our wax is colored with a dye so if the wax is spilled on a surface that absorbs colors it might permenatly stain.  Please be mindful of this when choosing your burining surface and ALWAYS be sure to wait until the candle has cooled completely prior to moving or relocating the candle tins.

Should my wax discolor?

Frosting is completely normal when you use natural waxes.  We have done research using a natual additive to help reduce the amount of frosting but found that it caused the candle to burn faster and reduce the quality of the look after the candle burns and cools.  For these reasons we choose to keep our natural wax without additives.

Do you make custom Candles?

We do make custom candles but only if it meets our guidlines for natural candles.  Full disclosure there is a small fee for customizing scents that we have never used before and an order minimum.  Custom candles are perfect for groups or party gifts.  Please reach out to us regarding any questions you have about custom candles.

Can you Ship?

We do offer shipping inside the continental United States.  We have rates in the cart and orders exceeding $50 will receive free USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Can I pour the wax down the drain?

NO!!!!  Please remember that when hot wax cools it will solidify and clog your draing causing damage that will require professional repairs.

Can I order your seasonal scents off season?

We do offer special scents during each season.  Those 5 special scents are available year round based on our existing stock and availability.  If you just can’t wait reach out to us directly and discuss our options for custom candles.

What is Tunnelling?

When candles burn in the middle of the container, it leaves excess wax on the sides.  This is usually caused by improper sizing of the wick.  We spent a lot of time in research and development to ensure that if our candles are burned for at least 2 hours you should not see any tunneling.  If you do….let us know so we can fix it.

What is scent throw?

How well the scent fills the room and how long the scent lasts.

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5540 Centerview Dr

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