My business is really fun!  Soy Clever Candle Co. LLC is the name of our company.  We have learned how to make candles.  We learned how to start a business, build a website, and we learned the difference between paraffin and soy wax.  We have different scents for each season!  Our company isn’t run by one person, it’s run by seven people!  We have learned what a ‘Kidpreneur’ is and how to set up our display stand for vendor events.  We really like our business!
We learned our Cost of Goods Sold, the price of our candles, and we learned about marketing.  We hand-draw our pictures for the candle labels.  We also have memories we place on the inside of the lid.  You can can customize your own memory if you visit our website page.  We learned why we use a wood wick instead of  a yarn wick.  We know where soy wax comes from.  We practice how we are going to sell a candle and we love our business!  Thank you for reading.  Please read my future blogs (coming soon).