Scented by Numbers

Our Candle Workshops give you the perfect chance to create a unique fragranced 

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February 14th, 2020


About Soy Clever Candle Co

Soy Clever Candle Co is a Veteran and Family owned and operated business out of NC.  Our unique candle workshops where you choose the fragrance based on the number we associate with it and find out what frangrances you chose when you create your label at the end.

Come check out our workshops and learn how to use your sense of smell to curate the perfect candle for you.

Unique Fragrances Chosen and Mixed by You!

Scented by Numbers

The Process

During our workshops, guests are given the opportunity to smell all of our available fragrances in form of a completed Candles.  We allow you to blend up to three fragrances to create a truly unique candle that perfectly matches your preference.   Our Candles are numbered but the fragrances are not identified, this is a major part of the experience.  We do not tell you what fragrances you have chosen until the end of the class when you create your label.

Step 1

Smell the candles and write down the three numbers of up to three selected fragrances.  

Our Workshops

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